Birmingham First and Berkley First

Prayer Requests from 11/28/2023 through 12/11/2023

Please pray for Matt who is starting a new full time job.

[Finances/Job] Kimberly Fitzgerald

Please help Katie as she begins a new job search

[Finances/Job] Kimberly Fitzgerald

please keep Joan in your prayers as she waits to see if she needs another surgery.

[Healing] Zack Dunlap

Please pray for Michelle as she fights breast cancer that has returned.

[Healing] Kimberly Fitzgerald

Please pray for Cecelia who was taken to the hospital yesterday.

[Healing] Kimberly Fitzgerald

Please pray for Gordon.

[Healing] Linda Richards

Please pray for Frank to safely travel to and from Florida this month.

[Travel] Kimberly Fitzgerald
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